My husband was born with a dairy allergy and was diagnosed with IBS in 2012. This blog mostly catalogs my attempt at dairy-free and low FODMAP recipes.

Occasionally, my love for all things wheat-y, cheesy and boozy will make an appearance.

Hi, my name is Dieter Herzog and I am 10-years old. I was named after Werner Herzog and the documentary "Little Dieter Needs To Fly".  Sometimes they call me 'Sherlock' because I stick my nose into everything and I'm the rascalliest, most anti-social puppy west of the Cascades. I'm allergic to beef and chicken and eat raw food modeled on the prey diet so my mommy has to cut down on her meat consumption on my behalf (greenhouse gases and all, mommy is a climate scientist). My daddy goes to the bathroom very often because he's unwell but he thinks it's all worth it for a pulled-pork sandwich. I think he should go to the bathroom less and just give me that darn pork sandwich! I once twisted my neck because I got so excited about HAM! I like ham, rabbit, blueberries, carrots, Chapstick and squeaky toys. 

Some things to note:
  1. My husband is most sensitive to fructans and fructo-oligosaccharides (garlic, onions and wheat) but can tolerate minute amounts of leek and spring onions. However, it's worth it sometimes for broccoli because WE LOVE BROCCOLI. He is also sensitive to galactans and we avoid that in totality because I hate beans. 
  2. We use ghee/butter and sometimes minute amounts of cream or milk in cooking and baking because heat changes the chemical constitution of milk protein and reduces the allergen effect. Please use a suitable substitute if you are not willing to take the allergy risk!
Obviously everyone has different sensitivities and intolerances - please let me know if you have any doubts/questions on substitutions and ingredients. I love experimenting with recipes and exchanging ideas. IBS is an awful business and if we can help each other, so much the better!

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